Award Winning Poet

Near Water (Poems)

Book of poetry. Chapters: Water; Lessons; Family; Remembrance; Dreams.

Paperback – 2003 – $12.95

SPLIT Poems [more...]

These poems talk about change, and how Lorraine Walker Williams chose to deal with the frightening journey real change demands. This book is a tribute to acts of courage. Combine that with her top-flight investment in craft and you see the powerful gift her poems have given to all of us.
  ~James Brock

Paperback – February 7, 2014 – $14.00

Fire in the Grass

LORRAINE VAILS book of poems, Fire in The Grass, is a page turner. Her centos are luminous, including Cento on Norton Anthology of Modern and Contemporary Poetry 2006, in one of her standout sections, The State of Poetry. Heartbreak embraces heart-wrenching poems such as Last Afternoon at the House, September 11, Six Years Later and the moving lines of Grandmother: I have traveled more than half-way past my life/ and realize now I was the/ granddaughter you never had.


Editor-in-Chief/Publisher, MOBIUS, THE POETRY MAGAZINE

Kindle and Paperback – 2009 – $9.95


by Lorraine Walker Williams

    ( aka Lorraine A. Vail )

Audience of One: Poems

Audience of One is an engaging poetry collection that addresses three themes. The first poems speak directly to finding Refuge in our natural surroundings and centering ourselves to face challenges in our own lives and in the world today. In Report the author addresses contemporary issues that affect all of us. She summons us to bear witness through strong imagery and evocative language. The final section Retrace, reflects that the life we have lived and what our relationships mean give us hope to go on. In beautiful and poignant language Lorraine Walker Williams delivers insight and passion in her work.

Lorraine Walker Williams

Paradise Found: Poems

The quietly triumphant poems in Lorraine Vail's Paradise Found take the reader from island to island, Eden to Eden, disclosing the paradises both within us and without us, both immediate and distant. These sharp, finely-wrought, and accessible lyrics are performed by a poet in full command of her considerable talents...

   ~ James Brock

Paperback – 2007 – $11.95

Simply Sanibel Poems

The award-winning poet has gathered her poems like treasured shells in Simply Sanibel Poems. It's a must read for Islanders and for those who dream of visiting the poet's island paradise.

~David Staver, Santiva Chronicle Editor

Paperback – November 4, 2016 - $14.00