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SPLIT Poetry

Lorraine Walker Williams ventures far in her often harrowing, but ultimately jubilant collection of poetry, Split. Here, a marriage is put asunder, torn violently, and the poet brings us to the cold shock of such cleaving. Bewilderment, above all, threatens to displace us, to unmoor our sense of self. Her achievement here is what poetry and the other imaginative arts are capable of giving us: not just a respite where the first healing begins, but a deeper recognition that the door is always unlocked, which we can and must open, no matter the damage and despair. Yes, we remain split, her poetry tells us, but we are also remain whole, capable, brave, and loving.


The National League of American Pen women reviewed Split Poems and posted  an excerpt from the review on their website.

SPLIT Poems by Literary Chair of the SW Florida Branch Lorraine Walker Williams is a must read. This is Lorraine’s fourth book of poetry and the first to have a narrative thread. She says the collection is “a poetic journey when life changes challenge us and the healing power of the words begins.” Indeed this is true. Everyone can relate to Lorraine’s poetic journey. Her poetic voice cuts to the chase with ease and grace– the kind you find in ONCE, by Alice Walker. Alice Walker and Lorraine Walker Williams are poetic kindred spirits. Lorraine is setting the bar to new heights for poets.

These poems talk about change, and how Lorraine Walker Williams chose to deal with the frightening journey real change demands. This book is a tribute to acts of courage. Combine that with her top-flight investment in craft and you see the powerful gift her poems have given to all of us.

Sidney B. Simon Professor Emeritus University of Massachusetts

Lorraine Walker Williams

Award Winning Poet