Sanibel Poet Launches new Book

Award Winning Poet

Lorraine Walker Williams

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Audience of One: Poems

Audience of One is an engaging poetry collection that addresses three themes. The first poems speak directly to finding Refuge in our natural surroundings and centering ourselves to face challenges in our own lives and in the world today. In Report the author addresses contemporary issues that affect all of us. She summons us to bear witness through strong imagery and evocative language. The final section Retrace, reflects that the life we have lived and what our relationships mean give us hope to go on. In beautiful and poignant language Lorraine Walker Williams delivers insight and passion in her work.


If the “state of the world is/ wearing you out,” these poems of acute observation and awareness sound pitch perfect reveille for their audiences of one to “tread the shallows” of the vast sea—to look and listen to the natural world—to let go into the natural worlds of yourself. I find a calming androgyny moving through these poems, returning again and again to harmonious images of experienced life and love. The search for explanations, words of comfort, gratuitous affirmations gain no beachheads in this collection of poems. Williams shows the way. Bare your feet to the water.

                   Gary McLouth, SWFL poet and writer

 "After the Election" is a beautifully expressed extended metaphor, very fitting for the times; "The Art We Have to Master" achieves its  poignancy through specific images, diction, and sound.

                           Editor, The Pen Woman, NLAPW
The book is very coherent and purposeful in its arrangement: Refuge/Report/Retrace… each setting up the other, speaking to the other. The Refuge poems are among your strongest nature poems I've read, and that's saying something…the in-between qualities, …the liminal spaces: an eclipse, the shore line, the cliffs, the window pane…there's a sense of permeability. And to have the openness, receptiveness,.. to witness and to report. Sadly, we are where we are, still, but there are hopeful moments even in the darkest political poems--all the while you maintain that fire…The Retrace poems are heart rendering, tender, and truthful. They so smartly weigh the past, all that which continues to echo with us.

These are truly important poems, and together, they provide instructions on how to rediscover and navigate those old roads, even when in the distance, the world is burning. We need to see both, the beautiful and the diseased, beyond us, within us.

It's an accomplishment, my friend.

                              Dr. James Brock, Professor,
                             Florida Gulf Coast University